Local Economy


Before the period of economic transition in Serbia, Kula was an important industrial center hosting big factories such as Istra (fittings), Eterna (leather), Kulski štofovi (woolen fabrics) and other. Today, there are 371 companies and 1.027 entrepreneurs, most of which are small and medium-sized, while former industrial giants are looking for strategic partners and buyers. Most developed industries are agriculture and food processing, metal-processing, chemical industry, textile industry. Among the largest domestic companies are Jaffa – one of favorite confectionary brands in Serbia, Crvenka (food industry), Sigma Kula (chemical industry), Metalopromet Kula (recycling). The most important foreign investors are Phiwa-Lurdy from Germany (trade), Matteo obuca from Italy (footwear) and EBZ from Greece (sugar refinery).


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