Success Story – CRVENKA – EBZ Food-processing


CRVENKA – EBZ Food-processing

• Type of investment: privatization
• Value of investment: EUR 11.000.000
• Number of employees: 218

Sugar refinery – “Crvenka” – EBZ is one of the largest processing plants of sugar beet in the country employing 218 workers. Its processing capacities are 6–6,500 tons of sugar beet and 1,000 tons of sugar a day, as well as 350 tons of dried briquettes and 250 tons of molasses. The total area used for growing sugar beet is approximately 15,000 ha, including the factory land and the land owned by the company subcontractors. So far, the Factory has processed over 25 million tons of sugar beet and produced over 3,3 million tons of sugar. Beginning from 2003. year, with the arrival of the new majority owner, the Greek Sugar Industry (EBZ) invested in the improvement of sugar beet production 11 million euros, primarily in the purchase of new, modern machinery.,


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