Traffic Connections


The Municipality is well connected within the region of South East Europe via highway, railway and river corridors and airports making it an attractive investment destination. Pan-European Corridor 10 (E75 Highway) is only 17 km away via main road M-3, connecting Kula with central and northern European countries from one side, and South-East Europe and Asia on the other. International railroad E-80 (Vienna-Budapest-Belgrade) is in the vicinity of the city (10 km). The main waterway in EU – River Danube (Corridor 7) and the international port of Bogojevo is 38 km away, connecting Kula with 10 European countries. The nearest international airport is in Croatia – Osijek (79 km), while Belgrade airport is 129 km away. Regional road M-3 passes through the municipality leading to Croatia (44 km) – being the closest EU country, and Romania (121 km).


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