West-Bačka District Welcomes Investors


West-Backa District is a fast growing region located in Serbia’s premium investment destination – Province of Vojvodina at the far north of Serbia. Bordering two EU countries (Croatia and Hungary), it holds a strategic position between two major Pan-European Corridors – the Danube river (Corridor 7) and E75 Highway (Corridor 10). There are four cities in West-Backa District – Odžaci, Kula, Sombor and Apatin, with a total population of 191.044 inhabitants. Local economy relies on agriculture (80% crop husbandry), since the whole district rests on 185.000 ha of finest-quality arable land. Other key industries are food-processing, chemical, metal-processing, machine and automotive industry. There are also several shipyards located at the Danube river. West-Backa districts offers ideal conditions for investors who are looking to relocate or expand their business in the region of SEE: duty free access to Russian and other major markets in Europe and across the Atlantic, low operating costs, skilled labor at competitive prices and certified business-friendly environment.


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