Greatest natural resource in the municipality of Kula is 41.000 of top-quality arable land. Over 95% of arable land is plowed fields of meadow black soil and carbonaceous chernozem with distinctive layer of humus. The number of sunny days provides agricultural products with exceptional nutritional and morphological characteristics. Kula stands out in the production of industrial crops. Half of all agricultural production is sugar beet providing inputs for several sugar refineries with 100 years of tradition. Also, significant area is under maize, wheat, pepper and potatoes. Fruits with largest annual yield include nuts, apples, cherries, pears. Due to its central position in Vojvodina, good traffic connections and long tradition in agriculture, Kula has the potential of becoming a regional center for collecting and processing agricultural products. There is a huge raw material base, however, producers in Kula need strategic partners and investments focused on the organization of the market chain, which will encourage production on farms and double the current production of vegetables and fruits. Industrial zone in Kula offers ideal conditions for constructing a logistics center for distribution and export of agricultural products.