Key Sectors

Top sectors in Kula


Main advantages:

  • 41 ha of  top-quality arable agricultural land – 91% of total territory
  • Dominant higly fertile black soil and carbonated chernozem  with distinctive layer of humus
  • High number of local first-rate agricultural producers
  • Ongoing know-how initiatives for local agricultural producers
  • Wide network of potential local suppliers
  • Developed agricultural cooperatives network (20 cooperatives) and support on municipal level to stimulate the sector competitiveness
  • Agribusiness development identified as a strategic priority for the West-Backa district
  • Most developed food processing – internationally renowned local companies



  • Favorable natural conditions – the number of sunny days provides agricultural products with exceptional nutritional and morphological characteristics
  • Significant production of industrial crops
  •  Half of all agricultural production is sugar beet providing inputs for several sugar refineries with 100 years of tradition
  • Significant area under: maize, wheat, pepper and potatoes
  • Fruits with largest annual yield include nuts, apples, cherries, pears
  • Excellent storage capacities



Renewable Energy

Main advantages:

Biomass potential – 43,000 ha of agricultural land

  • Project: Biomass as resource for energy production
  • Untapped & abundant geothermal resources
  • Geothermal springs & wells with temperatures measured at 30-70°C (max. 90°C) at 500 – 1,200m

Investment projects:
– MK Fintel – Joint Venture Company – Italy/Serbia
– Wind Farm – EUR 15 mil investment – 9.9 MW capacity – to be finalized by the end of 2015




Metal & Automotive

Main advantages:

  •  Large industrial center in the past
  •  Labor pool – ready to meet the needs and expectations of high-quality seeking investors
  •  Many of metal industry  companies from the 1990s  have undergone bankruptcies – FA Istra Kula – used to employ 2,000 workers
  • Labor costs – substantially  lesser and more competitive compared to regional and EU standards

Investment opportunities:
– Automotive Components Industry  – competitive costs
– Brownfield locations – 7,800 m² production hall – electricity substation 630 kVA





Main advantages:

  • Untapped & abundant geothermal resources
  • Geothermal springs & wells with temperatures measured at    30-70°C (max. 90°C) at 500 – 1,200 m
  • Water characteristics – health benefits for: locomotor system, rheumatic conditions, sterility, digestive system, skin conditions

Investment opportunities:
– Detailed project of hydrogeological analysis at Location Razvala –  in municipal ownership – planned 9 ha – with total of 25 ha allocated for relaxation, sport, and recreational activities
– Spa center – project documentation for spa tourism development in progress for one of the locations