Local self government

The municipal council is formed to carry out administrative tasks within the rights and duties of the municipality of Kula and certain technical tasks for the needs of the Municipality of Kula, the Mayor and the Municipal Council.

The municipal administration acts according to the rules, impartial and politically neutral and shall not permit any equal protection in the exercise of rights, obligations and legal interests.

Head of Municipal Administration: Vladimir Pavkov, lawyer
E-mail: vpavkov@kula.rs
Phone: 025 751 155

Deputy Chief: Stjepan Vakula, lawyer
E- mail: svakula@kula.rs
Phone: 025 751 183

The municipal administration has the following powers and duties:
– Drafting of regulations and other acts passed by the assembly, the mayor and the municipal council;
– Executes decisions and other acts of the Municipal Assembly, the Mayor and the Municipal Council;
– Decide in administrative proceedings in the first instance on the rights and duties of citizens, enterprises, institutions and other organizations in administrative matters within the jurisdiction of the municipality;
– Provide administrative supervision over the implementation of regulations and other general acts of the municipal assembly;
– Enforce the laws and regulations of which is entrusted to the municipality;
– Performs professional and other tasks as determined by the Municipal Assembly, the Mayor and Municipal Council.